The Automated Solution To Unify Your Entire Athletics Department

ARMS is not just a recruiting and compliance tool like the rest, but an integrated set of tools to unlock the true value of your entire athletic organization through process automation, streamlined communications, and real-time reporting and monitoring. ARMS is Total Control. Simplified.

Unify Your Department

Integrate Your Entire Department and Ecosystem

  • Administrators
  • Coaches
  • Alumni/Donors
  • Student Athletes
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Departmental Workflow Management

Teamwork. Simplified.
Unlock the true potential of your entire athletic department’s staff by automating burdensome internal and regulatory processes through the ARMS workflow engine.  ARMS allows administrator’s, coaches, and other staff to focus on important strategic tasks instead of mundane administrative hassle.

Recruiting, Team & Compliance Management

Manage and Monitor Information like Never Before
Communicate internally and externally like never before by utilizing the ARMS integrated recruiting and compliance management product suite.  ARMS provides the information that coaches and administrators need at the click of a button.

Revenue Generation

ARMS Increases Value Not Costs
Truly enhance your visibility and relationship with your donor base.  Drive revenue by integrating information between athletics and development.  ARMS can help you convert your revenue vision into reality.

ARMS Clients

About ARMS

Cloud-based Software for Athletic Departments

ARMS Software is a cloud-based, software product company that was founded through hands-on experience with the challenges that athletic departments face on a daily basis.  ARMS is dedicated to providing college and university athletic departments with enterprise class software products to automate and unify the entire athletic department.  ARMS Software provides value to its clients through its flagship product called ARMS.

The ARMS product is comprised of several different modules including Recruiting, Compliance, Team Management, Department Management, Fundraising, Departmental Workflow, Camps, and Academics among others. Each of the modules provides for seamless contact and communications management along with process workflow and real-time reporting through a standardized, template-driven approach. All ARMS modules are integrated so that data can be aggregated, monitored, and reported on seamlessly at any level within the department.

Latest News

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ARMS is available by simply utilizing an internet connection via a web browser 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

With ARMS, there is no hardware to purchase, software to manage, or impact to the University IT staff to manage or maintain anything.
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