Richmond, Virginia, December 15, 2011 – ARMS Software, a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions for college and university athletic departments, announced today that it is currently developing a major update to its flagship product, ARMS, to be released in Summer 2012.

The ARMS software product already provides an industry leading set of tools and technologies that allows athletic departments across the country to drive efficiencies in recruiting, compliance, team management, and departmental management, but the Summer 2012 major product release will provide an enhanced product experience across the board for existing and new clients alike.  The ARMS team is focused on providing a much greater amount of functionality along with enhanced usability, integration, and seamlessness of experience across sports and departmental functions.  This major release will provide several additional functional product modules as well as more flexibility for the client to manage information and departmental functions that already exist within the ARMS product today.

The ARMS team will begin implementing the new product release with beta customers in the Spring of 2012 and will work with existing and new customers to implement the product release in the Summer of 2012 as individual client schedules allow.  The ARMS team is extremely excited about the opportunities that the next step in the evolution of the ARMS product will provide to its clients in the summer of 2012 and beyond.

About ARMS Software:  ARMS Software is an industry leading cloud-based, software product company that was founded through hands-on experience with the challenges that athletic departments face on a daily basis.  ARMS Software is dedicated to providing college and university athletic departments with enterprise class software products to automate and unify the entire athletic department.  ARMS provides value to its clients through its flagship product called ARMS, which is comprised of several different modules including Recruiting, Compliance, Team Management, Department Management, Fundraising, Departmental Workflow, Camps, and Academics among others.  For more information on ARMS Software, LLC, please visit its website at