Recruiting, Compliance & Team Management

Success the Right Way

“Success the right way” is a slogan that all athletic departments can understand and strive to live by.  No matter how each individual institution defines success, all agree that conforming to the established rules and regulation is critical to long-term success.  Additionally, institutions would agree that success in competition relies heavily on the talent and determination of those in competition and the meticulous preparation of those student athletes to maximize their abilities.  ARMS pioneered the successful management of all facets of this process with the “Full Lifecycle of a Student Athlete” concept.  Proved in the field, our software unifies the department’s interaction with and supervision of student athletes from the time they are prospects to their successful completion of degree.  This unification makes “Success the Right Way” not just a slogan but an attainable goal of all athletic administration.

Recruiting Your Way

Successfully recruiting the best talent requires intense relationship management and thorough prospect evaluation.  ARMS has decades of experience in managing relationships and recognizes that the difference between overachieving and underperforming is often related to the recruiters ability to separate themselves from the competition by diligently tracking the smallest details and conversations.  ARMS software makes it easy for coaches to separate themselves from the pack with easy to use forms, real time data tracking, and customizable evaluation tools that allow coaches to take ownership of the process and product.

Spend More Time on the Field or Court

Talent alone will not bring long-term success to a program, it is the conditioned training of that talent that makes champions.  At ARMS we recognize that head coaches are often removed from coaching on the field to accomplish their administrative tasks as pseudo-administrators.  These tasks are critical to maintaining a top-notch program but prevent coaches from maximizing their success by practicing the craft they have mastered over years of learning.  ARMS gets coaches back on the field with real time data tracking, customizable reports, unified departmental workflow and monitoring, and streamlined team communication.  By re-appropriating your best resources, ARMS helps maximize your probability for success.

Compliance and Student Athlete Monitoring

The most important element of the student athlete life cycle is ensuring that each recruit is progressing successfully towards the completion of a degree and that no individual is allowed to negatively impact the durability of the department with short-term egocentric behavior.  ARMS takes a departmental approach to solving these issues by instituting process standardization and automation as well as real time supervision, oversight and monitoring throughout recruiting and team management activities.  Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, our software gives administrators another ally to actively monitor their most important asset, the student athlete, while protecting the good name of the institution that they represent.

ARMS is your ally in building a program that succeeds the right way.  You define success and we will help make sure that as a department you are maximizing your potential while minimizing your risk.